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Adoption Process


  • Applicants must first complete an Adoption Application. Every
    question requires a detailed answer. Failure tocomplete an
    application will result in elimination as acandidate to adopt
    without notice to the applicant.Following a careful review of the
    application, the applicantwill be contacted by a member of the
    AZ Exotic Bird Rescuefor a phone interview during standard
    business hours(9:00am to 5:00 PM). Applicants may be interviewed
    by additional members of the AZ Exotic Bird Rescue.

  • AZ Exotic Bird Rescue could randomly run a basic background check
    to verify answers provided during the interview(s) match those on
    common record. A home study will likely be completed by one of the AZ Exotic Bird Rescue directors. Applicants must have a valid Arizona Drivers Licenses, Arizona State ID, or another form of qualified photo identification.

  • Provided applicants qualify, all individuals living in an applicant’s home will have an in-person interview at the AZ Exotic Bird Rescue and will have an opportunity meet the exotic birds. Everyone residing in the home must participate. Applicants may be required to visit the exotic bird they are interested in adopting on multiple occasion to form a bond prior to taking the exotic bird home.

  • The AZ Exotic Bird Rescue invests a great deal of effort in to carefully and thoroughly screening applicants. Applicants should not apply unless they are prepared in every aspect to adopt. Applicants under the age of 21 are generally not considered viable to adopt unless raised around birds or spent an ample amount of time at the rescue to gain knowledge about the bird who would like to be adopted. The AZ Exotic Bird Rescue has found this basic requirement to be in the best interest of the exotic birds. The AZ Exotic Bird Rescue does not generally adopt exotic birds outside of Arizona because of home visits conducted before and after the adoption. Applicants have covered all travel expenses and compensated the AZ Exotic Bird Rescue for our time spent outside of the rescue.

  • Please note that applicants will be signing a contract that prohibits an adoptive party from ever selling, re-homing, or breeding exotic birds adopted from the AZ Exotic Bird Rescue. Other rules apply. Applicants may be asked to provide proof of financial stability. In the event an applicant can no longer care for their exotic bird, it must be returned to our care. The AZ Exotic Bird Rescue makes a lifetime commitment to their exotic birds. There are no refunds or exchanges. The AZ Exotic Bird Rescue is an accredited non-profit animal shelter, and does not buy, sell or trade exotic birds.

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