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Here you can find how people feel about their personal experience with AZ Exotic Bird Rescue, Inc. The stories and experiences that follow are not altered or fabricated and are real people who have adopted, surrendered or had other doings with AZ Exotic Bird Rescue, Inc. We pride ourselves in that fact that we can let people express their feelings about our rescue publicly. Whether it be good, bad or ugly. We welcome you to stay awhile and visit our pages and send us your testimonials! 

Robin Cotè

"I found AZ Exotic Bird Rescue through an internet search. I have been rescuing and rehabilitating birds for over 20 years. I recently rescued one from a bad situation and after 5 months, I realized my own bird was developing behavioral issues due to the rescue needing more attention. It was a tough decision but I knew the rescue needed to find another home. I called the Exotic Bird Rescue and they agreed to help me out with finding this birdie a new home. I was very impressed when I came into the building and met with Mandy and Curt. They made me feel so comfortable with the decision I had made to bring the bird in. I've since been back to the rescue several times and met with Tyler and some of the volunteers. The facility is very well put together and its a comforting feeling to know that the birds are well cared for by the staff and volunteers. I would definitely recommend The Az. Exotic Bird Rescue."


Jennifer Gibson Allen

"We were researching exotic birds for a pet and called the rescue. They said to come up and learn! We did and for the next year we spent time learning about the birds and helping out where we could. We've never seen such dedication to an animal as these guys showed to all the birds that came through their doors. 

GO. If you have questions. GO see them. They are all about educating the public on what it truly means to have a feathered family member. You won't be sorry for having spent time up there. 

If you are already a bird family, go up there to buy your supplies. Their prices are MUCH cheaper than anywhere else. They have all different types of food, toys, cages, etc. They have an education area where you can watch dvds and read books/articles on birds. They host lots of events where you can ask questions of experts. They do grooming up there. So much there at their new, larger facility. You won't be sorry you went. :)"

Stefanie Lauren Stern

"This place is absolutely fantastic , if you are looking for a beautiful bird that will complete your family this is your place to go. The staff is extremely nice, the volunteer we worked with today knew exactly what we needed and helped us find the perfect match for our family. The manager and I'm assuming owner of the rescue was fantastic! She's great. I'm so excited that Oscar will be coming home with us next week. Please save a bird and rescue !!"

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