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About Us







AZ Exotic Bird Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable,
corporation established to meet the needs of surrendered exotic birds. 

Our Federal EIN number is 46-2786327. Our public avian rescue/sanctuary

is located in sunny Scottsdale,, Arizona and serves the Southwestern

United States. Our primary function is to provide knowledgeable care to

surrendered, displaced, abandoned, neglected, and abused exotic birds as

well as to educate and serve the public by sharing decades of experience

in meeting the needs of these amazing creatures.   

We provide rehabilitation, behavioral therapy, retirement, and adoption
services for exotic birds. AZ Exotic Bird Rescue, Inc. has extensive
experience working with exotic birds. We place great emphasis on
educating the public, both those with exotic birds and those considering

adding an exotic bird to their lives, about the needs and care of these

amazing birds. We are a no-kill, non-profit organization funded solely through adoption fees and donations. 100% of all funds donated go toward the operating costs associated with providing: housing, health care, superior nutrition, grooming needs, behavioral modification, stimulating environments, and proper socialization. We depend on you, the public, to support this most important endeavor.

While exotic birds are beautiful, intelligent, loving, and entertaining, they can be very difficult and demanding. Many people are unaware of how much living with a bird will impact their lives before adding an exotic bird to their family. While bird ownership offers a lifetime joy for some people, many are quickly overwhelmed by the noise, mess, expense, and time commitment it involves.  

Most captive-bred exotic birds are only a few generations out of the wild.  They are still wild animals and are instinctively programmed to live lives that are very different from what humans provide in their homes. Some birds make the physical and mental transition from the wild mindset to captivity well, while many don't, to varying degrees. Many wild-caught exotic birds were able to bond successfully with humans throughout their lifetime despite the terror and trauma of capture. The United States legally and mercifully banned the importation of wild-caught exotic birds in 1993. However exotic birds are still horribly exploited by many breeders, dealers, and retailers who for selfish monetary gain sell the birds with little to no programs in place to educate the buyer as to the responsibilities of exotic bird ownership. 

While we, the staff of AZ Exotic Bird Rescue, Inc. understand that breeders will continue to breed, we hope that we can serve to make a difference through education and support.  

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