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Adoption Information

  • An applicant's experience with exotic birds plays a major rolein the type of bird they are approved to adopt. For example,a person that has no experience with exotic birds would notgenerally be approved to adopt a large Macaw or other exotic birds of a similar size. They would be expected to gainexperience and understanding by volunteering at AZ ExoticBird Rescue locations after they are deemed a suitable applicant. It is the belief of AZ Exotic Bird Rescue that  first-time owners of exotic birds may be better suited adopting a smaller bird first. It is recommended that applicants extensively study exotic birds because AZ Exotic Bird Rescue is going to be asking questions to determine what they understand regarding a potential future feathered family member.

  • The amount of time applicants are able to spend with a bird is also very important.  AZ Exotic Bird Rescue leans more toward applicants that have a calm “home-body” type of life style. Some exotic birds require more time with their owner than others. Having ample time to devote to your bird is vitally important. Keep in mind that our exotic birds always have the final say as to who they desire to adopt them.

  • Applicants with young children, infants, or planning a pregnancy are discouraged from applying until the children are older. An exotic bird’s bite can severely injure children.  Families that have children that have been raised around exotic birds are always welcome to submit an application. However, each family is judged on its own merit. If you feel your children exhibit an exemplary level of maturity, you are welcome to apply.

  • While adoption fees are very low, the expenses in regard to proper feeding and care of an exotic bird are considerably higher than that of a cat or dog.. This includes proper feeding, housing in an appropriate powder coat or stainless steel cage, providing ample toys, a play stand, and health care with an avian knowledgeable veterinarian. Fees vary and are based on the species, the age of the exotic bird, temperament, social nature, feathering, history, and other factors. Generally, adoption fees will run from $200 to $1200, mostly including their cage and things that go along with it. (toys, perches, and food bowls) Applicants should be prepared financially to meet the costs involved before your submission of an application. You are encouraged to purchase your avian supplies with us either online or at our store.  Please note that 100% of proceeds go directly to the care and support of our birds; monetary donations also go to the care of our birds. No administrative fees or salaries are paid.

  • If an applicant is in a relationship, it should be a committed relationship with plenty of mutual respect. Applicants must demonstrate that they are able to provide a calm, solid, loving, avian knowledgeable environment.

  • Smoking, using incense, air fresheners and teflon products all pose threats to the health and well being of birds. These things harm birds and can be done without even thinking about it. If you smoke, you must not smoke around your birds. While we discourage smoking, you will not be disqualified as an applicant if you do smoke. This includes smoking indoors and where your bird is living. There must be no use of teflon, incense, air fresheners or any other aerosol based products in the general vicinity of your bird(s). 

Adoption Process

  • Applicants must first complete an Adoption Application. Every question requires a detailed answer. Failure to complete an application will result in elimination as a candidate to adopt without notice to the applicant.Following a careful review of the application, the applicant will be contacted by a member of the AZ Exotic Bird Rescue for a phone interview during standard business hours(9:00am to 5:00 PM). Applicants may be interviewed by additional members of the AZ Exotic Bird Rescue.

  • AZ Exotic Bird Rescue could randomly run a basic background check
    to verify answers provided during the interview(s) match those on
    common record. A home study will likely be completed by one of the AZ Exotic Bird Rescue directors. Applicants must have a valid Arizona Drivers Licenses, Arizona State ID, or another form of qualified photo identification.


  • Provided applicants qualify, all individuals living in an applicant’s home will have an in-person interview at the AZ Exotic Bird Rescue and will have an opportunity meet the exotic birds. Everyone residing in the home must participate. Applicants may be required to visit the exotic bird they are interested in adopting on multiple occasion to form a bond prior to taking the exotic bird home.

  • The AZ Exotic Bird Rescue invests a great deal of effort in to carefully and thoroughly screening applicants. Applicants should not apply unless they are prepared in every aspect to adopt. Applicants under the age of 21 are generally not considered viable to adopt unless raised around birds or spent an ample amount of time at the rescue to gain knowledge about the bird who would like to be adopted. The AZ Exotic Bird Rescue has found this basic requirement to be in the best interest of the exotic birds. The AZ Exotic Bird Rescue does not generally adopt exotic birds outside of Arizona because of home visits conducted before and after the adoption. Applicants have covered all travel expenses and compensated the AZ Exotic Bird Rescue for our time spent outside of the rescue.

  • Please note that applicants will be signing a contract that prohibits an adoptive party from ever selling, re-homing, or breeding exotic birds adopted from the AZ Exotic Bird Rescue. Other rules apply. Applicants may be asked to provide proof of financial stability. In the event an applicant can no longer care for their exotic bird, it must be returned to our care. The AZ Exotic Bird Rescue makes a lifetime commitment to their exotic birds. There are no refunds or exchanges. The AZ Exotic Bird Rescue is an accredited non-profit animal shelter, and does not buy, sell or trade exotic birds.

Adoption Application


It is strongly recommend reviewing all of the information provided before you complete the Adoption Application. Every blank must have an answer for the application to be processed. Vague or incomplete answers will result in your application being eliminated without notice.Please review your application prior to submitting. 

Some questions may involve study on your part. Make certain you double check every question! The parrots entrusted to our care come with a strong commitment of responsibility to ensure that we place them in a solid, avian knowledgeable, financially stable, loving homes. We ask probing questions,in so much as some of the parrots we re-home have already experienced trauma and hardship. We do everything within our power to prevent history from repeating itself. The vast majority of parrots surrendered to our care come from wonderful homes and we are dedicated to maintain that level of superb care.

The adoption does require, in most cases, an adoption fee which will is not the same for every bird and is based on the following factors: species, age, feathering, temperament, number of known prior homes, length of stay and housing provided.  There may be other historical circumstances that affect the fee of a particular bird that we are unable to share due to privacy and safety concerns or in accordance to the confidentiality of concerned parties. Adoption fees range from $200-$1200 and are generally about half (1/2) or less of what a parrot retails for in a pet store, breeder, or avian pet shop by itself. We provide you with a cage,toys, perches and your bird included in the adoption fee and you will be armed with much more knowledge than you will get at a for profit establishment. Fees go to the care and operating costs of the birds. 

You may also print this application using the button below and bring it with you, filled completely. 

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Adoption Application
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