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Adoption Application


It is strongly recommend reviewing the Adoption Information page
before you complete the AdoptionApplication. Every blank must have
an answer for theapplication to be processed. Vague or incomplete
answerswill result in your application being eliminated withoutnotice.
Please review your application prior to submitting. 

Some questions may involve study on your part. Make certainyou double
check every question! The parrots entrusted toour care come with a strong
commitment of responsibility to assure that we place them in a solid, avian
knowledgeable, financially stable, loving homes. We ask probing questions,
in so much as some of the parrots we re-home have already experienced
trauma and hardship. We do everything within our power to prevent history
from repeating itself. The vast majority of parrots surrendered to our care come from wonderful homes and we are dedicated to maintain that level of superb care.

The adoption donation applies differently to each bird and is based on the following factors: species, age, feathering, temperament, and history. Adoption fees range from about $200-$900 and are generally about half (1/2) or less of what a parrot retails for in a pet store, breeder, or avian pet shop by itself. At AZ Exotic Bird Rescue, Inc. we provide you with, in this adoption donation, a cage,toys, perches and your bird included with much more knowledge than you will get at a for profit establishment. Your tax deductible gift goes to the care and operating costs of the birds. 

You may also print this application from your browser and bring with or mail to:

2724 N. Scottsdale Rd

Scottsdale, AZ 85257

(between Oak and Thomas on Scottsdale Rd)

Please Note: The New Address is Scottsdale and NOT  Tempe


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