JUST BEAK-CAUSE, INC. is located in sunny Tempe, Arizona and was founded by AZ Exotic Bird Rescue, Inc. in 2013 to offset the costly expenses of caring for the exotic birds that have been left with the rescue. The AZ Exotic Bird Rescue takes in 100s of unwanted parrots each year and places these beautiful creatures into the most fitting homes after careful evaluation of new families.

JUST BEAK-CAUSE, INC. believes that all of our feathered kids should have an equal right to proper food, toys, housing, boarding & grooming at reasonable rates that are affordable to their human flock members. This ensures they are able to eat well and have all of the proper entertainment available for a happy, healthy bird.

Please support our feathered friends in need by shopping locally at JUST BEAK-CAUSE, INC. located next door to AZ Exotic Bird Rescue!

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